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Travel is so much more than the mere journey of discovering a new city or country. Having spent 15 years in the hospitality and aviation industries around the world, Marta can attest to the incredible diversity of experiences that come from traveling.

As a VVIP flight attendant of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, Marta was exposed to the highest standards of luxury when arranging their travels, whether it is finding the most exclusive venue or getting delivered that special rare coffee that tastes like no other to her guests or maybe this special macaroon from a small coffee shop in Paris for the sweet teeth onboard.

She made VIP traveling an unforgettable experience for the King of Spain, royals from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, presidents of the government, ministers and members of the United Nations while working as a corporate flight attendant for some of the most exclusive private jet companies worldwide, maximizing their onboard comfort with personalized details (their favourite breakfast prepared by a 2* Michelin Chef) while ensuring the most efficient and discrete transfer (sometimes up to full undercover operation!).

Marta has catered to the glamourous needs of world-class athletes and celebrities, both while on-tour with strict deadlines and appearances and also while relaxing in remote corners of the world with family and friends.

As a lover of travel herself, Marta has experienced the inner transformation that travel enables. She has trekked for a glimpse of a leopard in the dark wilderness of the Ngongoro in Tanzania and dined by water swirling with bioluminescent plankton in the Maldives, among many other experiences. Her career took her to over 70 countries and she has lived in some of them, including Spain, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. After spending several years in the Middle East, she moved to Hong Kong with her husband, where she pursued a degree in interior design and worked as a freelance designer while raising her first child. But the passion for travel soon struck again.

Now, settled in Los Angeles, Marta wants to share her traveling passion and curate unique experiences for others. In 2019, she founded VIP & Luxury Travels, an exclusive boutique travel agency and concierge services specializing in luxury and private trips. She organizes holidays and escapes for select clients, including local celebrities, European high net-worth individuals and families from the Gulf.

Marta’s experience working with highly-demanding customers across the world, combined with her obsession for details and a lifelong passion for travel, makes VIP & Luxury Travels a guaranteed unforgettable and truly sophisticated and unique experience.

what VIP & Luxury Travels Offers

We understand what luxury is and know the highest standards. Having worked with extremely selective clients, we provide expert advice based on first-hand knowledge of the most exclusive venues and opportunities.

We deliver experiences that are as special and as unique as each of our clients. We strive to design your travel according to your needs and craft every detail. Whether it is a fun family vacation, a romantic escape or a thrilling adventure in the wilderness, we make it unique and personal.

We manage every step of your journey, ensuring that everything is perfectly and seamlessly executed so that you can enjoy and embrace the experience. We are committed to the highest quality worldwide and our work does not stop until you are back home from your trip. We work with a curated list of properties, private airlines and yachts as well as caterers and chefs that have undergone rigorous assessments by our team.

Fairness and transparency are two of our key values. We treat all of our employees and partners fairly and with due respect; we believe that a critical part of delivering outstanding service is having highly engaged partners who go the extra mile for you.

We craft luxury and sophisticated experiences.
First-hand tips, from our own experience.
We believe our guests are special and unique, so are our trips.
We handle every step of your journey, our work does not stop until you are back.
Our concierge services take care of every detail, so you will not miss anything.
We create all kinds of events, either at your place pr anywhere in the world.
We are committed to the highest quality and work with a curated list of partners that we have personally vetted.
Fairness and transparency are core to our value proposition.

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