We have many different types of clients, each of them with unique interests and tastes. We never cease to be surprised by some of the ideas they have proposed!

If your wanderlust inspires you to travel to the remote kingdom of Bhutan, to see the lunar scenery of the Mongol steppes, to attend the very last show of Marina Abramovich in Denmark or to explore the hidden gems of the very secretive Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, VIP & Luxury Travels accompanies you every step of the way to ensure the journey is special and breath-taking.


Trip to the


50 years ago, the Apollo 11 mission took three astronauts to the moon and back. On July 16, 1969, the day of the launch, the Apollo 11 crew became some of the first people to look down at Earth from space. They experienced what is called the “overview effect,” a cognitive shift in awareness that occurs from being flung so far into space and facing the fragility and unity of our life on Earth. It is a sense of observing the “bigger picture”, of being simultaneously connected to yet above than the intricate happenings on Earth.

Fast forward 50 years, NASA is exploring space tourism for the lucky few that can afford the spectacular yet pricey trip to outer space.

A trip to the moon would be in conditions very different from that first trip. Imagine flying in a majestic glass dome, overlooking the blue planet with the modern comforts of a flight. For the more adventurous you can enjoy a gravity-free excursion from the dome.

Get ready for a surreal trip!

Elite sports


A former caddie, Francis Ouimet, shocked the golf world by winning the 1913 U.S. Open. More stunning was the fact that the 20-year-old defeated British stars Harry Vardon and Ted Ray, two men whose golf bags he used to carry. The unlikely plot remains one of sports’ all-time inspiring underdog stories. It was chronicled in Mark Frost’s book, “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” which was later adapted for a 2007 Disney movie by the same title. 

The opportunity to watch a pivotal moment, like Francis winning the U.S. Open in 1913, is the dream of any sporting enthusiast. VIP & Luxury Travels can help you get to a game or tournament  in style and watch history be made.  

Let us organize a trip with friends to attend the U.S. Masters in Augusta, to bet on horses at the Grand Prix de Diane in France or to watch Formula 1 races on the desert tracks in Bahrain. Let us escort you to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo and watch the best athletes in the world compete in their disciplines.

Let us bring you to the heart of the elite sports!

Business and

corporate trips

Business trips often lack personality. We want to break this cliché and transform your next business trip experience; luxury and enjoyable experiences do not have to be sacrificed for work. 

Let us arrange your next business trip, where we will cater to the requirements of your work while ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience. Enjoy fresh, locally-sourced meals and casual excursions in between working sessions, so you are refreshed and engaged for business meetings and decisions.

We can reserve modern, sophisticated spaces for you and your team’s working sessions, so that you stay focused on the job.

Whether it is an annual meeting or a visit to your corporate headquarters overseas, we will handle all the details: booking the flights, hotels, ground transportation, catering or restaurants, meeting rooms and all of the required facilities. If your family is traveling with you, we will organize activities for them to let you focus on your business. 

Let us make your next business trip a sharp one!

Aesthetic tourism

Medical tourism has experienced explosive growth in recent years, when it comes to your body and your health you only want the best.

VIP & Luxury Travels has information on premier destinations for certain procedures and has access to the best hospitals and medical staff. 

We have recommendations for the best aesthetic surgeons worldwide, listed by specialty, along with suggestions for surgical and non-surgical procedures. With extensive experience in the beauty field, we can consult with you on treatment options and how to best achieve your desired outcome.

You will be taken care of before, during and after your procedure. Recovery from a surgery or procedure can be mentally and physically challenging; let us arrange accommodations so you can heal at your own pace and return home better and more beautiful than you were before. We will procure for you a personal nurse in your accommodation, a catering service with menus prepared according to your medical guidelines and taste,  a massage therapist at home to activate your lymphatic system and remove bruises, marks and scars, as well as a physiotherapist to make your recovery speedy.

Aesthetic tourism is one of our specialties and we have dedicated staff to work with you.

Just be beautiful, let us handle the rest!

Wanderlust or a strong desire

to travel

For some of us, wanderlust is a way of life, hopping from place to place on Earth and searching for the next blissful discovery.

It is a flame, flickering and inextinguishable inside of our bodies. We are restless souls in search of the next adventure, addicted to new and marvelous experiences. To every new destination, we take a piece of the one before with us, making for an incredibly rich yet diverse existence.

We know the bliss of the insatiable traveller on a new adventure, we are insatiable travellers ourselves and are here to make your bliss more complete.

Artsy escapes

Picasso said: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

Let us cleanse your soul with an escape to the Art Basel in Miami or with a trip to Italy to dive into the beauty of the Renaissance paintings and sculptures. We can guide you through Chinese antique markets in Hong Kong and Macau, letting you explore the beauty of the past and find the perfect piece to bring back with you. We will make sure your new pieces will be shipped and delivered to their new home.

Enjoy the art of the present through photography exhibitions in the deepest and hidden streets of Madrid or at extravagant venues in London. Do not miss the glamorous premieres, the red carpets of Hollywood or the Dolce Vitta atmosphere in the meca of the modernist architecture in Palm Springs.

Let your soul guide you, we handle the rest!

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