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Family fulfills us, whether it is the one you were born into or the one you have chosen. Time spent traveling with family creates stronger bounds and most experiences are better when shared. 

Logistics of family travel can be daunting so let us take care of all details. Our concierge services can design your trip and strike the right balance of intimacy and family fun.


Baby on the way !

Baby showers and babymoons became popular in the early 2000s as a way to celebrate the birth of a new baby with one’s inner circle or to have the last vacation before the baby’s arrival. Whether you want to celebrate with a party at home or in another country closer to family and friends, we can make the occasion special for you and your loved one.

We can also help to arrange some time for you to enjoy the last months of your pregnancy: resting, relaxing, disconnecting and preparing to welcome a new member to your family. But also to have fun as a couple and to have this precious time together that you might miss in the close future.

The time before the birth of a child is unique, let us help you appreciate it fully.

Get ready for your little one in the best possible way!

For all kind of


Family characterizes the closest circles of those you care about. No matter how big, small or eccentric your family is, we adapt and cater to the tastes and needs of each member. 

Of course, we cannot forget any furry family members and would welcome your pets to accompany you on vacation. However, if you opt to leave them home, we can arrange for an animal hotel, where they can also enjoy a holiday, be well cared for and make new furry friends.

Let us indulge all of you!

Very special


There are a number of holidays and special dates that are typically celebrated with close family and friends, Thanksgiving, birthdays, house-warmings, engagements, etc…

It could be a winter holiday trip to Lapland, where the whole family can enjoy the seasonal and cheerful atmosphere. It could include a visit to Santa Claus and his helpers, a sleigh ride pulled by huskies, an evening watching Northern Lights and dining in an ice restaurant.

Or it could be celebrating the Eid festival in Istanbul next to the Blue Mosque before diving into the wonders of this historic city and getting lost in the Grand Bazaar with a traditional Turkish coffee in hand.

Or it could be enjoying the myriad of colors in the wonderful beaches of Goa during the Holi festival.

Whatever the holiday or special date you choose, we will make it memorable.


with twist

Traveling with children and keeping them entertained is a daunting task for any parent.

Theme parks are a favorite destination for many children and they also offer parents the opportunity to play and share in the fun with their children. At VIP & Luxury Travels, we can make the experience at a theme park even more special with concierge services on site that will escort you to the front of the lines so you can access the attractions easily and quickly. On-site staff will take care of everything. 

Enjoy the magical world of Disneyland in Hong Kong, the waters of Seaworld in Florida, the wonders of Atlantis in Bahamas or discover Legoland in Denmark, all in a fun and stress-free atmosphere.

Let us make you feel like a child again!

Fun for


At heart, the purpose of a family vacation is to spend time together and cultivate stronger bonds with each other through shared activities and experiences.

Activities with an adrenaline rush like zooming down a zipline in Costa Rica, skydiving above Hawaii or swimming with sharks in Fiji islands will not soon be forgotten.

Experiences like front-row seats at the Vienna Philharmonic, a private visit to the Guggenheim Museum or a luxury lodge in the Serengeti just feet away from wild animals bring families closer together.

VIP & Luxury Travels can prepare activities and experiences that satisfy the desires of the whole family.

Time for

each one

When considering family trips, we would be remiss not to acknowledge that a family is comprised of many individuals, each of whom has different needs and interests. While many activities can be done together, there are times when each person or couple would rather focus on themselves. 

You might need some time alone or prefer to spend an evening away from the larger group. Let us find a babysitter to take care of your children while you enjoy time apart as a couple. While some people may enjoy quiet time reading together, others may prefer to discover the city and dance at the fanciest night clubs; we can accommodate both and can make arrangements for all types of individual activities.

If you are going on a business trip and will be accompanied by your family, we can organize activities for your loved ones while you focus on your work. 

We are here for all of your different needs: family, individual and everything in between!

start your


Let us craft an unforgettable experience for you.

Elevating experiences: ask what you want and we will deliver it.