honeymoon & romantic escapades

Love is one of the most beautiful and purest feelings that exist and VIP & Luxury Travels wants to help you express it. 

Let us design a romantic get-away and create an enchanting and memorable adventure to experience with your loved one.

Enjoy every step of the way together.


Fly the

Heavenly skies

Arrive at the airport together in a limousine and enjoy an aperitif in the VIP lounge before boarding your aircraft. Feel welcomed to your first-class air suite with a flute of champagne or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Enjoy the flight in the comfort of a cozy bed, where you can rest and wake at your destination feeling rejuvenated. Shower on the aircraft before deplaning, ready to explore your romantic destination. 

Let us delight you in the air before you even reach your destination.

Get lost in an

ocean of love

Arrive by helicopter or hydroplane to your yacht, anchored near an idyllic island with soft, white sand and turquoise clear water. Meet your onboard hostess and enjoy freshly grilled fish under the stars. Enjoy the calming wonders of the deep sea and the satisfying spectacle of the waves lapping the shoreline. 

Go island hopping with our experienced crews, alternating stops between coastal towns and remote beaches.

Would you like to extend the trip with your loved one? Get pampered on a cruise that transverses beautiful seas for weeks or months.

A perfect way to

share your vows

Get married in a charming, quaint village in Western Europe in the fall. Or perhaps an old English castle? Maybe you want to share your vows on a pristine beach in the Virgin Islands? Or in a beautiful hacienda surrounded by horses? There are no limits to your imagination or dreams and we can make them come true.

Planning your perfect wedding or a renewal of your vows takes a lot of time, effort and energy. Let us take care of that for you. Our meticulous planning goes beyond the event celebrating you and your loved one to include all of your guests. We arrange for their accommodations and transportation, so you can be in the moment and enjoy the experience.


for two

Longing for a romantic dinner for two with incredible scenery, good wine and the most exquisite cuisine?

We work with a curated list of amazing venues in a variety of locations, all of which will tantalize your senses. Imagine a magnificent dinner lit by the Burj Khalifa fountain spectacle, a 3-star Michelin restaurant in the lavender fields of France or a dining experience in a restaurant under the crystalline fish-rich waters of Tahiti.

If you have decided to propose to your loved one, we will work with you to create the perfect atmosphere: intimate and simply perfect, with fireworks, live music, a special dinner set up by the sea … whatever is your style, we can make the proposal experience perfect.

A dinner for two can be an exploration for your senses and an expression of your love.

time to


When it comes time to rest, leave behind the stress and reconnect with your body and mind, you are in expert hands.

Enjoy a restorative spa session, a couples deep tissue massage and therapeutic teas, all in a location with breath-taking views. If a spa in the middle of the Swiss Alps does not appeal to you, then perhaps a spa in the Amazon, surrounded by nature and the soothing sounds of wild animals is more suitable for you. 

Let us whisk you away to beautiful, peaceful and relaxing places so that you are restored when returning to daily life. Let us spoil you!

Immortalize the


Memories and experiences will live forever in our hearts. But when it comes to sharing an experience with others, an image can speak louder than words.

We offer discrete and professional photographers that immortalize moments with high-quality pictures and videos of you while on your journey.

Just enjoy the moments knowing you can share them and re-live them with your loved ones later.

start your


Let us craft an unforgettable experience for you.

Elevating experiences: ask what you want and we will deliver it.