ultimate luxury

With years of experience working with VVIPs across the world, we have developed an intimate understanding of their habits and needs, giving us the knowledge to deliver sumptuous and elegant solutions seamlessly.

We have an innate sense of the requirements to meet and exceed the highest standards of luxury; we work only with the best venues and partners to create a superior and comfortable journeys.

We know that details are important; whether it is smelling a special bouquet of flowers in your private jet to remind you of home, being served a special caviar from The Black Sea or having your belongings meticulously unpacked and arranged upon arrival in you hotel suite; we pre-plan all of these nuances to ensure the perfect experience.


A very

private sky

When it comes to your experience in the air, you can trust that we provide the best of the best. All you have to do is describe your dream experience and then let us make it a reality. In our fleet, we have access to a plethora of private jets and aircrafts (A380, BBJ, Falcon, Gulfstream, Challenger…), helicopters, hydroplanes, etc. Anything from the most selective private charter companies, we can offer. 

We take care of the full experience onboard. With hand-picked flight attendants and a fully personalized cabin, we delight you with delicacies prepared by world-renowned chefs.

We coordinate all of the transfers, from your home to the aircraft door and from the aircraft door to your final destination, with a white-glove limousine service. We handle all of the paperwork and luggage, so all you have to do is board the airplane and enjoy the views.

Sea adventures

Travelers will tell you that the sea is one of the most unknown marvels.

Whether you want to hoist the sails at some of the world’s most secluded and exotic beaches, scuba-dive with colorful fish and over expansive coral reefs, cruise island-to-island in the Caribbean, celebrate a party in the high seas or stop for a diner in a chic restaurant on the Mediterranean coast, we have spectacular boats to charter for your adventures.

We promise to make your experience an unforgettable one, with detail-oriented hostesses, fully personalized boats and a tenured captain & crew to navigate the deep oceans.

Get a tan onboard your yacht, discover new seas, enjoy infinite sunsets and delight yourself with the most exquisite food from our select chefs. Enjoy a bath in crystalline water or the jets from your jacuzzi while you receive exclusive spa treatments.

On the road

Fascinated with cars? Let us arrange a trip to France for you to drive an old Jaguar D-Type on the Le Mans circuit with a group of friends. Appreciate motorcycles? Let us acquire a vintage motorbike and map a route for you to escort your wife along the winding roads of the French Riviera. Perhaps you desire speed? Let us arrange for you test-drive a new Bugatti Chiron on the Dakar infinite desert tracks.

Or maybe you desire riding in the comfort of a limousine, sipping a bourbon with a professional chauffeur? We can select the best car and driver for you.

You can also transform your experience on wheels in a mobile home; many reach a level of luxury that competes with the most exclusive hotel suites.



A steaming espresso in a picturesque square of Rome? The flakiest croissants for breakfast in Chantilly? Fresh and creative sushi in Tokyo? The most seductive caviar from Moscow? The most popular and glamorous restaurant in New York? 

There are no limits when it comes to your palate, we know the best products and where to find them, whether it is local or international cuisine, dining in the comfort of your accommodation or at a trendy rooftop bar. No matter where or how you travel, we will ensure that your table is always ready.

The perfect

place to be

When it comes to travel, we aim to strike a balance between the surprises of a new culture and the comforts of home.

You define the amount of cultural immersion you want and we find the according to accommodations that meet the highest standards of luxury. As architecture and interior design enthusiasts, we will find a place that harmonizes local shapes, materials and aesthetics with luxe.

With delicate attention-to-detail, we elegantly lace your accommodations with the comforts of home, balancing the exotic with the familiar.

Everything will feel right.

every detail


What is the ultimate goal of your trip? Escape from the spotlight and enjoy uninterrupted rest? Reconnect with old friends on a golf course? Pursue your lifelong dream of discovering Rome?

Whatever the reason for your trip, we ensure to exceed your expectations through the meticulous planning of every last detail, because they make the difference. We will make your entire journey an unforgettable experience.

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Let us craft an unforgettable experience for you.

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